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Forwarding Trifecta - Air, Land and Sea.
Air, Land, and Ocean Freight Image

Since the rise of the civilized world, the movement of goods across vast distances has always been a significant challenge for commerce. Even with today's advancements in technology and access to various modes of transportation, the challenge has only grown its complexity to accommodate the expanding scope and increasing speed of commerce, including the erratic geopolitical climate that affects trade tariffs, trade routes, and restrictions between borders. This is where Freight Forwarding plays a pivotal role, services that evolved into an industry where Whale Logistics USA contributes today. In this post. In this article, we'll be delving into Whale Logistics USA's primary service, Freight Forwarding, canvasing its definition, its history within the company, and its purpose for businesses and the world of commerce.


Freight Forwarding is a transportation service used by companies to move goods internationally, involving various modes of transportation, including air, sea, rail, and road. A freight forwarder doesn't move the freight itself but acts as an intermediary between the client and an assortment of services necessary to complete the shipment.

A Freight Forwarder Planning

These services can include shipment preparations, export/import documentation, custom clearance, negotiating freight costs, cargo insurance, carrier booking, warehousing, and more. Freight forwarding is a huge undertaking and not many businesses can afford to hire an in-house agent nor do they have the sufficient volumes to require one. Therefore, they rely on Freight forwarding companies, like Whale Logistics USA, for their expertise to ensure the goods are transported safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Freight Forwarding stands at the very core of Whale Logistics USA's transportation services. It encompasses the company's fundamental principle in providing exemplary freight transport solutions, landing us our slogan, When there's a Whale, there's a Way.

Whale Logistics Branches in Asia, North America, Australia, and South America
Whale Logistics Branches

Whale Logistics USA initially launched in 2014, as an expansion of a renowned global freight forwarding network that originated in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2007. Within 10 years, the network grew exponentially with branches in Asia, Australia, Central America, and North America - all bearing the name Whale Logistics and continuing the tradition of providing excellent and economical freight forwarding solutions to businesses primarily in the Pacific.

The culmination of the network's years of experience, insights, connections, and resources lend a hand to the development of Whale Logistics USA's dependable freight forwarding core services.  This foundation has established us as a trusted provider, further enhanced by our Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) licensing and our status as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). These elements have seamlessly integrated to transition us from a carrier-partnered forwarder to a comprehensive third-party logistics provider, offering warehousing and 'last-mile' delivery services to vendors, e-marketplaces, and direct consumers. As we broaden our service offerings, Whale Logistics USA remains committed to evolving as a leading, innovative freight forwarder. We are dedicated to delivering optimized logistics and supply chain solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses across multiple industries, ensuring their success in a dynamic global market.


To put it in simple terms, a freight forwarder's role is to ensure the delivery of goods from 'A to B.'  Although this statement is correct, plenty can easily assume that we're mere transporters, but in truth, freight forwarders are the architects of the shipping processes. Our expertise lies in navigating through the intricacies of international trade in consideration of time, restrictions, shipping efficiency, and price. Here are a few tasks freight forwarders complete to ensure goods make it to their destination.

Logistics Optimization: forwarders lay out the blueprint of the shipment by mapping the most efficient and cost-effective routes, selecting the modes of transportation, and the type of shipment varying by commodity, volume, and destination.

Policy Observation: Regulations, restrictions, and taxation apply in every country in conjunction with their foreign trade policies. Freight forwarders have to ensure compliance with each country's requirements to send and/or receive commodities to have the shipment reach its destination.

Risk Management: Freight transport consists of many variables and risks that may lead to consequent damages to the goods being delivered. Freight forwarders provide risk assessments, alternative solutions, insurance coverage, and insurance claims to help minimize the possibility of damages and have the shipment under insurance in the chance that damages do occur while the product is in transit.

Shipping Administration:  Management of various documents during the shipment is critical to the transportation services and the assisted client. Documents like Packing lists, Commercial Invoices, Bill of ladings, to name a few, are ascertained by forwarders for accuracy, collection, and submission, streamlining the shipment's transitions between services and regulations.

Communication and Coordination: Freight forwarding consists of a myriad of moving parts and services that demand insurmountable coordination and communication. Freight forwarders are excellent facilitators, maintaining a cohesive exchange of information between sellers, buyers, and services, especially when invoices are involved.


In the face of the evolving and intensely competitive global marketplace, recent challenges such as the pandemic, climate change, and geopolitical tensions worldwide have highlighted the vital importance of efficient and reliable goods transportation for businesses. At Whale Logistics USA, our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly refine and provide superior, dependable transportation solutions. This dedication stems from our deep-rooted passion for assisting businesses in overcoming the dynamic hurdles of logistics, empowering them to achieve success. We invite you to lighten your logistical burdens and embrace the confidence needed to advance boldly in these uncertain times.

Whale Logistics USA

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