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2024 Taipei Annual Party, A Night to Remember!

2024 Annual Party Group Picture

Last Saturday, January 20th, Panda Logistics Network threw an unforgettable annual party in celebration of the 2023 year and the upcoming 2024 Chinese New Year, and it was nothing short of spectacular! This year's celebration slogan was "May the Gods Bring Great Fortune and Luck" with attendees donning mythical god and character costumes in a beautifully decorated sports colosseum in Taipei, Taiwan. The event was a perfect blend of food, drinks, giveaways, bingo, and live performances, bringing together employees, partners, and branches from around the world for an evening of celebration.

Delicious Food that Tantalized the Taste Buds

What's a celebration without delicious local delicacies to savor? The party's full-course menu featured an extravagant series of mouth-watering Taiwanese dishes prepared in warm home-like traditional flavors with a modern twist. The gastronomic journey took guests to various parts of the country, covering numerous vegetables and proteins like pork, chicken, duck, shrimp, and lobster just to name a few. Topped it off with a selection of familiar and unique 'Bingqilin' (aka: ice cream) flavors for guests who had the stomach to go on the extra mile.

Bingo and Raffles

Amidst the mingling and dining, the party was buzzing with various games and activities. The raffle draw was a major attraction, with employees eagerly waiting for their numbers to be called for prizes from $1,000 (USD) to $11,000 (USD), adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the evening.

Bingo was another crowd favorite, with multiple rounds played throughout the night. The friendly competition brought out plenty of laughs and cheers, and the winners walked away with cash amounts more than what they brought in.

Surprise Live Performances from Taiwan's Best

While some employees and guests waited in anticipation for raffle prices and games, most of them waited with suspense and excitement for the popular guest artists who provided musical entertainment for the evening.

Every year, the logistics network's designated party planner books artists from the top 10 Taiwanese artists/bands in secret with only a select few who know who will be performing for the celebration. The employees and guests never know who the performers are until the artists/bands emerge from the stage, and according to many who've attended, the performances never disappoint.

This year, the popular Taiwan indie band Accusefive performed on stage and the entire arena flocked to the front stage with screams of excitement, singing and dancing the rest of the night away to their euphoric melodies and upbeat rhythms. For the many fans who attended the celebration, there was no denying that it was an unforgettable night.

Accusefive Live in 2024 Annual Party

A Celebration of Unity and Promising Future

What truly made the Taipei 2024 annual party special was the sense of camaraderie and togetherness. It was a night where hierarchies blurred, and everyone came together to celebrate the year's successes and look forward to the future with optimism.

As the night drew to a close, it was evident that the event was more than just a party; it was a testament to the logistics network's culture of appreciation and unity. The Panda Logistics Network proved once again that they know how to celebrate in style while fostering a strong sense of community among their team.

We're already looking forward to what they have in store for next year!

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